The All New 

Carp Canal 

Carp Canal 

As some anglers past and present will remember, the old Cat Canal is unfortunately no longer.

This is making way for the new and highly improved Carp Canal, making it a perfect lake for a “Mini” Match of up to 6 Anglers, 6 Pegs. The Carp Canal will predominantly hold Carp from 10lb onwards.

At this current time, the Carp Canal is NOT open as extensive works are being currently undertaken.

Further updates on the New Canal will be posted on our Social Media Pages and within the News.

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What makes the Carp Canal?

With the new Carp Canal in progress, this new move is a big one                     Within the depths of the Canal there is many holes within the silty bottom that was caused by the previous occupents, the Cat Fish. 

Within the Carp Canal, there will be Carp ranging from 10lb to 20lb! Imagine having a 20lb Mirror Carp on a light feeder rod! 

Designed to perform

The Carp Canal is having some extensive works carried out at this time.                                                                                             The old tree’s that was within the lake are being cut out and pulled to prevent any dangers in snags as well as the welfare of the carp. All new swim layout with barked swims, this is one lake we are very much looking forward to getting open very soon.