The All New 

Carp Canal 

Welcome to our Carp Canal, 

Extensive works have been undertaken draining, netting and putting in new swims on the sunnier north bank.  We re-stocked the lake with 70 stunning new carp to compliment the 30 existing that were in there already. Making it a great place to almost guarantee a fish on the bank with 100 hungry carp in just over an acre of water. 

It’s the perfect lake for a “Mini” Match of up to 6 Anglers, Or just spending the day and night on your own catching a few lovely carp. The Carp Canal holds carp from 15lb onwards up to respectable 25lb+.

To book find us on the Catch app or phone us on 07402 298218.

Further updates on the New Canal will be posted on our Social Media Pages and within the News.

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