Please do see our FAQ’S below, if you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. 

How Many Lakes Are At Crowsheath Fishery

At this current time we have 2 active lakes – Specimen Lake and Pleasure Lake. We are currently in the process of rebuilding the new Carp Canal and a new lake being the Crows Nest. We will keep you all updated on the progress of the other two lakes and when we hope to have them open to the public in due course. 

How Big Are The Carp In The Specimen Lake?

Within the Carp Specimen Lake there is a very good head of 20s and is starting to produce 30s such as Connors. There is a 40+ plus but hasn’t been seen for some years… can you find her? We have also stocked the lake recently with some stunning Mirrors within the C1 Category and these have already been making an appearance on the bank. 

Im A Solo Angler & I Want A Photo, What Should I Do?

Give us a call, its that simple. All our Bailiffs are fully skilled with Cameras, from DSLR to your mobile and we will help you get that photo album shot as well as have it published on our Social Media Accounts. 

Iv Got Myself Into A Snag Or Over Casted Into The Island.

We all make mistakes, but please… do not go break! Not only we will you loose your end tackle but you are leaving behind a live rig that any Carp could pick up and case trouble. Please call for a bailiff and we will get the boats out to assist you getting it sorted. 

What Bait Or Peg Is Best?

Ah the old What Bait and Peg question? This one is hard to answer at times, Carp can hold up in areas and not show signs for a number of hours. But we do always recommend keeping one rod within the margins as this is where you will most likely fall lucky and hit into a run. 

Bait, again, use what you are comfortable with. Washed out Pink Pop-Ups or Wafters seems to be do rather well in margin areas and washed out bottom baits out far. Spod Mix as well. There is no need to go crazy with the spod but this extra attraction of Hemp, Maize and Oily Liquids will certainly home the carp in. 

How Do I Make A Booking & Pay?

Please do give us a call and we will able to discuss the availability and what pegs are free on the selected dates. We currently request the Payment to be via Bank Transfer as this is more secure for our team than handling cash during the Covid19 pandemic. 

Can I Book Online?

SOON! Our Website Developer has been working extensively hard building our brand new website. We hope to have this active very soon. Further details will be launched once we have the go ahead. 

Do You Have A Shop?

We do not have a shop onsite however we are going to start rolling out our Click N Collect service, where you can order from our website all whilst your at your peg and one of our team will bring your order to you. We will be adding more Fishing products to our store very soon. 

Do You Have A Barrow/Buggy Service?

We do have a Buggy & Trailer that we use to help you get to your swims on the lake. This however is not always in service due to weather conditions. Please do call ahead to check. 

Im Booked On For 7pm But Im Stuck In Traffic.

Don’t worry if you’re going to be late. Please do call us to inform that you are running late and we will look forward to seeing you. Please do however drive slowly and not to disturb our residential neighbours. 

This Is My First Time To Your Venue, Can I Get Advice?

Yes! No matter if your a beginner or an expert, we will always be more than happy to stop off at your peg, give you help on your rigs, positions and encouragement. Angling is like school, you never stop learning! 

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