Lake Mapping 


Lake Mapping 

A few years ago, we had our very good friends from the Netherlands come over to Crowsheath to help and create the below lake mapping and depth feature video and programs. This was a huge task but they certainly pulled it off with success! 


Watch The YouTube 

Check out the Video attached to get a better understanding of the lake as well as being able to see further into the technical aspects that was undertaken to bring this special feature to you. 


Lake Map

As you can see within the image, we have marked out the depths within the lake, giving you a better understanding of the layout. The average depth of the lake is 6.2ft in a 8.6 acre body of water. We have enabled this image within the site so you can blow it up and save it to you device for future reference. 

Crowsheath Swim Location


Specimen & Pike Peg Layout 

Crowsnest Peg Layout 

Carp Canal Peg Out 

Pleasure Lake Peg Layout 

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